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FlexiWedge® SAMPLE


This includes the following: 5 XS (Blue), 5 SM (Orange), 5 MED (Green), 3 LG (Purple) and 3 XL (Red).

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The FlexiWedge® has an exclusive, patented, hollow undersurface that allows the wedge walls to collapse and expand into concavities. This disposable, patented plastic-poly dental wedge has a unique concave undersurface, stiff main body, and resilient flanges, which isolates blood, saliva, and crevicular fluids from the cavity preparation during composite and amalgam restorative procedures.

How to Use

Selecting the Correct Size Wedge

FlexiWedge between Teeth

Because of the unique design of the FlexiWedge®, carefully pick the largest wedge that will go into place. If you find that the wedge backs out easily, you should select a larger size wedge. Unlike a wooden wedge (lower image), which cannot adapt to fit inconsistencies, the flexible sidewalls of FlexiWedge® will conform to concavities or any other surface irregularities.

Proper Placement Technique

FlexiWedge Animation

The technique for the placement of FlexiWedge® is quite different from wooden wedges. To place correctly, grasp the FlexiWedge® on the inferior and superior aspect of the wedge handle with strong college pliers, hemostat, Howe pliers, or a similar-type instrument. Pliers must be strong enough to grasp and drive the wedge.

Driving force, plus a gentle up and down rocking motion, will ratchet the wedge into the correct position. Again, if you find that the wedge backs out easily, select a larger size wedge.

Improper Wedge Placement

Dental Wedge Incorrectly Placed

Important! Do not use cotton forceps to drive the wedge. When using the handle of the cotton forceps, the wedge will bend.

Also, do not use your finger to place or drive the wedge, as this technique does not deliver enough force to drive the proper size wedge into place.

Additional Benefits

  • Superior Adaptability
  • Improved Force Vectors
  • No Back Out
  • A Better Cervical Seal
  • 5 Sizes Offered


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