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LogiBloc® available in 4 sizes:

Extra Small (yellow-traditional small child)
Pedo (purple-traditional child)
Standard (green-traditional adult)
Large (blue-larger than traditional adult)


Most bite blocks and mouth props do an adequate job of preventing patients from closing their jaws. Unfortunately, most contain design flaws that make your job harder.

LogicBloc® bite block is the award-winning dental bite block that doesn’t block your access! Its unique design stabilizes and comfortably supports while allowing you unrestricted visual and physical access to the working area.

How to Use

Make It Easy on Yourself – and Your Patient

Like most bite blocks, LogiBloc® is a simple, effective part of your operative armamentarium. It also offers several advantages over traditional bite blocks – unique features that ease both your job and your patients’ discomfort.

  • Easy to place and keep secure once properly positioned
  • Provides unrestricted access

Using LogiBloc®

LogiBloc in Patient's Mouth

LogiBloc® is easily placed in the desired position by grasping it with your index finger in the concavity. Floss should be tied through the hole in the concavity to permit quick retrieval in the event of dislodgement or aspiration.

Sterilizing LogiBloc®

Using LogiBloc

When properly cared for, LogiBloc® should last for years. Sterilization should be performed with steam sterilizers (autoclaves) at the advised temperatures:

  • 15 minutes maximum at 121°C / 249.8°F
  • 3 minutes maximum at 134°C / 273.2°F

Dry heat sterilization is not recommended as it will cause the block to melt.


Available in 4 sizes:

  • Extra Small (yellow-traditional small child)
  • Pedo (purple-traditional child)
  • Standard (green-traditional adult)
  • Large (blue-larger than traditional adult)

8 reviews for LogiBloc®

  1. Jeremy Matthews (verified owner)

    These are the only bite rests our Dr. will use, he loves them!

  2. Robert B Marin, DDS (verified owner)

    The best bite blocks ever! Both me and my assistants use these on a regular basis for a multitude of procedures and the patients are always surprised by how comfortable they are. Very durable as well and priced accordingly. Can’t recommend these enough!

  3. Rachelle (verified owner)

    We have used this product for years and enjoy it. We had tried other brands and they do not hold up to the amount of use we need. These are durable high quality bite blocks. We will continue to order more for years to come.

  4. Natalie (verified owner)

    We love the logibloc! Comfortable and provide good clearance for being able to see around it in the patient’s mouth.

  5. Corrie Crowe

    I have used these for several years and the patients love because they are not so bulky. The dr loves them because they can have better access to the mouth and teeth! Highly recommend these!!

  6. Will (verified owner)

    Great product! I like that there is a window between the upper and lower for the assistant/doctor to see through and work. Long lasting too!

  7. Emily Erickson (verified owner)

    the only kind of bite block to use! we use the pediatric size for all our patients and they are easy to suction around!

  8. Shahram Shahriyarpour (verified owner)

    These are the best bite blocks every. We use them on every patient and every case. Even though the purple is labeled “pedo”, they fit most people. The green standard is for really big mouths, so we have one in case we need it.

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