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PrepCheck® SAMPLE


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PrepCheck®, the revolutionary prep-marking system, promotes adequate reduction allowing the ideal thickness of the final restoration and ensures superior strength and aesthetics. PrepCheck’s® special coating marks the tooth in areas that need to be reduced. Available in 3 sizes.

  • Promotes Accurate Reduction
  • Special Coating Marks Tooth
  • 3 Sizes Offered
  • Promotes Better Fit and Aesthetics

How to Use

1. Prepare crown prep as usual.

Prepped Tooth

Insert the darker side of the PrepCheck® tab between the preparation and the opposing dentition. Pull or tug on the PrepCheck® tab. The PrepCheck® should slide out with very little resistance. If it does not, proceed to step 2. (If the tab cannot be removed or is difficult to remove, the adequate reduction has not been achieved.)

2. Ask the patient to bite on the PrepCheck® tab.

Patient Biting down on Tab

Insert the lighter side of the PrepCheck® between the preparation and the opposing dentition. Note: The lighter side contains the powdered marking medium. Ask the patient to tap or grind on the PrepCheck®.

3. Look at occlusal contacts on adjacent teeth.

Marked Tooth

Reduce the areas that mark. Go back to step 1 and tug with the uncoated side of PrepCheck® between the preparation and opposing dentition.


Available in 3 sizes.

  • 1mm (pink) commonly used for gold crowns
  • 1.5mm (green) commonly used for PFM crowns
  • 2mm (blue) commonly used for non-metal crowns


“The PrepCheck™ is a great asset to have when prepping teeth, especially the second molars. The occlusal reduction is more accurate and it saves time chairside because you spend less time adjusting the bite. Also, I have reduced calls from the lab asking for more space. PrepCheck’s™ best asset is that it ensures you have enough thickness in all-ceramic and CAD/CAM crowns with no failure due to fracture.”
  ~ Theresa A. Hegedus, D.D.S. (Great Lakes Dental Excellence)

“While a basic flexible preparation guide is an excellent way to confirm occlusal clearance, I find that it is sometimes difficult to locate interference points when using a stretchy piece of rubber alone. To solve this problem, I often use occlusal marking paper on top of a flexible reduction guide and have my patients grind around. This serves its purpose and gives me direction on where to reduce, but not as predictably as the PrepCheck™ and PrepCheck™ Mini. These unique products have two special coatings on the separate ends of the tab that allow the dentist to clearly mark locations that need reduction. I typically only use PrepCheck in posterior areas where I cannot see as clearly when the patient is biting, but PrepCheck Mini is designed specifically for bicuspid sizes should you need a thinner tab. Common Sense Dental offers both in multiple thicknesses of 1mm for all metal, 1.5mm for all-ceramic, and 2mm for porcelain fused to metal. $114 for a 50-pack makes these products reasonable but still significantly more expensive than a sheet of interocclusal paper with a reusable flexible reduction guide. PrepCheck™ is not an everyday product for me, but it is extremely helpful for tough-to-see situations and ensuring I keep my lab tech happy with my prep clearance.”
     ~ Ross Isbell, DMD (Product Reviewer, AGD Impact) Published with permission of the Academy of General Dentistry. © Copyright 2019 by the Academy of General Dentistry. All rights reserved.


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